Melroy's Server

Welcome on my server! On this page the availible services are listed.
The server hosted & managed by Melroy van den Berg.

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I provide the following services on this server:

It's possible to: Request another (web-)service for free.


The data is RAID-1 (mirroring) on the data disk for redundancy. Thus, whenever a disk may fail, I can hot-swap the disk.

As back-up, there is a sync to another physical storage location. The second location contains self-hosted NAS server based on Banana Pi computer with a SATA disk attached to it. More info read the backup website (hosted on the Banana Pi itself). A fully back-up at other site is needed to prevent data loss after lightning, fire, water damage, human error, theft and more...

Site Analytics (Matomo)


Matomo is a free and open source web analytics application developed by a team of international developers, that runs on a PHP/MySQL webserver. It tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis.

Benefits of Matomo is that you control the vistor data, not Google, not Yahoo or other 3rd party services. The data that is collected is only used internally and not shared.


Git manager (GitLab)


As git control manager (GUI) we are using GitLab which is open-source and free to use. GitLab includes a git repository manager including code reviews (merge request), wiki's, feature rich user management.

GitLab can be used in combination with GitLab CI for continuous integration (Gitlab Runner), which is fully integrated into Gitlab itself.

Futhermore, GitLab is shipped with a build-in ticketing system as well as a kanban board. Next to Gitlab, they include GitLab Mattermost, which is workplace for messaging/chat & communication platform (Slack alternative). The features are almost endless.

To-Do Manager


Manage your to-do lists in a kanban tool (Trello-like). I'm using Wekan to host my own open-source task and to-do management.


Cloud storage


Instead of using cloud storage by 3rd party companies, we are using our own cloud storage. It's called Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a self-hosted file sync and sharing for online collaboration and storage.

We are using Nextcloud for storage and syncing documents, photos, music and more.


Code-server (Cloud IDE)


Code-server is running VS Code on a server, accessible through the browser.


MariaDB Manager


For MariaDB (MySQL) databases we use the phpMyAdmin to easily manage database, tables and records.


Besides MariaDB we also running PostgreSQL database service.

Monitoring tools


We are using multiple monitoring tools to ensure the up-time of our services and the server in general. The first tool is Grafana. Grafana is an open platform data visulization & monitoring tool, which I use in combination with InfluxDB database and Telegraf input data.

Telegraf fetches data from all kind of sources: Linux kernel info, process information, memory usage, disk usage, hard disk tempatures, network load, and so much more! This data is stored in InfluxDB (timeseries), and visualized by Grafana.

The second tool we use is called 'Monit'. Monit yet another free open-source software solution. Monit is a proactive monitor tool for monitoring proceses, system, files and network. It will inform the server admin during alerts (problems), by sending an e-mail notification.
For instance: if an important process crash, Monit can automatically restart the process, to minimize the server down-time.

Monit include a web interface for monitoring the system status and interact with processes.


TeamSpeak Server

Port: 9987 (default)

TeamSpeak 3 is an application for audio communication between users on a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call.

Current running the Freeware server version, which is limited to 32 users on 1 server.

Download TS3 Client!

TeamSpeak 3 Client

VDI (Taisun)


Taisun is an application for a Docker enabled device with an emphasis on providing a web based interface for managing a single server.

Taisun (VDI)